About Lynn

Lynn has been journaling for as long as she can remember. In the first grade, she had a small notebook where she drew classmates and learned how to draw flowers from her mom. In the fifth grade, she won a prize for writing about her mother preparing a chicken for Lunar New Year. She later ran into her fifth grade teacher, Mr. Dixon, years later and he told her to never stop writing– and she hasn’t.

As any teenager with unpredictable emotions and hormones unmanaged, Lynn had many emotional moments and she turned to writing to understand herself better.

When Lynn was 16, she had her first internship at SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) where one of the department workers told her that she should write everyday, not just when she’s sad. So, she did. But, she kept her deepest and more vulnerable pieces to herself, unbeknownst to her friends and family. A relatively private person about her emotions and thoughts–while it may seem hard to believe if you’ve ever met Lynn in person– her loud and almost shameless personality is a contrast to the thoughts that run in her head.

As someone who has anxiety, Lynn has struggled with showcasing her feelings and personal thoughts. But, in her last year of college, she realized that words kept private are words that don’t get to live. On this website, Lynn shares the thoughts she has kept to herself– thoughts that display the state of mind she’s momentarily at– as her writings are time capsules, not items of permanence.

Now, Lynn is a 20-something year old who’s learning about the world and herself and she’s tracking the journey as she goes. Lynn got her Bachelor’s Degree at California State University, Fullerton in Advertising and she currently works as a Marketing Assistant at a non-profit organization. She enjoys annoying her three brilliant little sisters, eating spicy food that makes her colon suffer, and reading books out loud every night.

She has goals of no longer being haunted by her childhood horrors, managing her anxiety and trust issues, and like everyone else, wining the lottery. But if that doesn’t happen, then she would like to become a published author. She dreams of seeing Frank Ocean live and being able to use her extensive 3-phrases only knowledge of the French language in Paris one day.

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