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What’s chasinglynn.com? Who’s “chasing” Lynn?

I bet you want to know the answer, right?

Who’s Lynn? Or rather, who’s chasing her? Is she running away from something scary that cannot catch her?

Well… I’m Lynn and the person who’s chasing me, is, well, myself! Actually, the “Lynn” in “Chasing Lynn” is someone who I am not yet but a person I seek to be. To cut to the chase, I am chasing my dreams, goals, desires and whatever else and this is the blog to keep track of that!

Lynn, as of right now:

  • A young girl who’s in her exciting and anxiety filled early 20’s.
  • Someone who holds onto grudges and anger like treasure.
  • A person who refuses to take risks when it comes to relationships.

The Lynn I am chasing:

  • A woman who is confident enough to fight against her anxiety and not let it hinder her.
  • Someone who forgives and genuinely forgets about her harsh past.
  • A person who lets people in, even with the risk of pain and disappointment.

The reason why I made this blog is because I believe that if you truly want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there. I’ve had numerous other blogs but this makes it much more official! Also, I have about a million thoughts inside my head and there are always thoughts I’d like to expand on. Welcome to my blog, where my thoughts become typed and hopefully, they’ll strike a thought within your head, too.

Also, if you know me, then you’ll know that sometimes the way I act and the things I say can be hard to swallow, so a chaser is needed. You’ll need to “chase” me, my words, and actions with some soda. Kidding. Joking here.

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