We blame society

Yet, we are society.

As an advertising major, I was shocked that in my advertising classes, we seldom talked about how advertising affects the demographic we often ignore: adolescents. Kids these days are growing up with iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices that didn’t exist during my childhood, so it’s a no brainer that children nowadays are exposed to much more advertising than previous generations. There’s ads before YouTube videos, underneath all the free games, and during their favorite TV shows. During my projects, we’d target the most profitable demographic: the millennials or the baby boomers, but we never stop and think about who were unconsciously influenced: the younger generation, Generation Z.

As I returned home, I learned the details of my younger siblings bickering with each other, and I was absolutely livid when I found out one of my younger sisters called my other sister “obese and disgusting” along other vile words. Knowing my mother would never say such words to my sibling, I quickly made the assumption that my sister gained this thought process from the media or society (friends, classmates, etc). My hunch is perhaps 70% true since my sister wouldn’t say anything when I confronted her about her mean words.

But the main focus of this post is not about what one sister said to another, but it’s why she said those remarks, why she thought that way, and how we can change the way she thinks. Another thing to note is that millions of young children and teenagers think this way, too. The perspective that a skinny body is a pretty body, that being pretty is all a girl should be, and looks determine someone’s value can be credited to the media and societal standards. Something I learned in advertising is that the best form of advertising is word of mouth advertising – we all trust our friends more than commercials, right? So, when we hear a friend say something that’s not so positive about body image, it can make us think about our own body and how we perceive it.

Certainly, this post is not a self-love post because I am not the proper teacher for that subject, but we should all focus on how we influence our friends, whether we know it or not and whether we believe it or not that we do influence our friends. What we say about ourselves, others, and objects can negatively or positively change one’s opinion. As the oldest in my family, I recognize the influence I have on my siblings, so because of this, I am cautious of my diction, behavior, and attitude towards life. I’m now a teacher – and we all are – so we must teach, not only ourselves, but the ones around us, to be better.

This post was made in dedication to my younger sister, Lily, who turned 13 in September! Happy birthday, my little artist.

The Summer of Robbery

As I returned to Sacramento, I was engulfed by massive amounts of bad news that it makes me wish I did not. Recently, there’s been a high increase in robberies this summer. In fact, it’s gone up by 75%. During the summer, it’s more likely for someone to get robbed or have their house burglarized. Usually, these crimes happen when it’s dark, but as of lately, there have been high amounts of people who are robbed during the day. Most of these reports, some I heard from friends or a family member, had the victim being held at gun point.

I recall from one afternoon, I was driving home after running errands, and I saw a man driving with his backseat window busted and completely shattered. I didn’t think much of it except a quick moment of remorse for the man – I was curious for a moment about what had happened and hoped he’d get his car fixed soon – but later, one of my close friends, C, texted me and told me what had been going in our area. She also added me into the Facebook  group where many have discussed solutions and also report suspicious activity. Constantly, there are posts about windows of cars being smashed, but, in most cases, nothing was stolen.

It’s crucial and important to not racially profile the people who are committing the crimes. It’s hard to say this to elderly folks who are aged and committed to their prejudiced perspectives, my mother, for example. But in the Facebook group, there are posts about uniting, rather than pitting against one another. It’s about fighting and preventing crime, not a specific ethnicity.

This past Saturday, on the 10th, there was a community meeting held at George Sim Park, but Kevin Johnson, the current mayor of Sacramento, was nowhere to be seen.

With Sacramento being the capital of California, one would assume that there would be a higher sense of responsibility amongst the local officers and government, but it seems as though the police are not taking these crimes as seriously as the residents. There continues to be high levels of paranoia all around the community. I, myself, am wondering why are these crimes being committed? What’re the reasons behind these people’s deplorable actions?

KCRA Article 1
KCRA Article 2

Black Lives Matter

Earlier this month, I was eating my breakfast and talking to my mom. Of course, the topic of my romantic life (or lack of) came up, and my mom gave me a list of men who I could not date. She preferred Chinese men for me. She made an unfair and untrue remark that all black men were criminals and did no good. I told her to not be swayed by the media when she fired backed saying it was true because she sees it in real life. With the area we live in, I can see why she made that statement but I refused to back down from my belief that not all men of color are the same. Now, it’s my goal to make my mother less close-minded and more understanding.

It’s easy to assume one’s intent behind a certain action but the easy way out amounts to no wisdom and results in a lack of understanding about others.

An intricate reality is that people commit crimes because they have no other choice. For some, it is impossible to just “get a job” when there is a system that discriminates against one’s skin color, name, and how one speaks. Getting a degree is not an easy task for everyone and for some, it’s not plausible. But wait, how does this relate to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?

If someone said, “Racism is gone,” it is due to the fact that they do not experience it themselves in the same manner of other people who experience racism daily. The systemic racism of America is why people of color are judged in a harsh manner and given unequal treatment. Because of this, people assume and have this bias engrained into their heads that if one person of color is a criminal, then they all are, which is not true at all.

I strongly believe the media (movies, TV shows, news stations) plays a substantial and firm role in the misrepresentation of non-whites. With the improper and inaccurate displays, people become misguided from the truth and are tangled into a web of lies. In this chaotic world, we need facts, not the fabrication of the people who lost their lives, to lead us towards the proper light.

The movement of Black Lives Matter is not, in any manner, saying anyone else’s life matters less, but it is a movement to showcase black lives need to matter as much as the privileged whites’. Saying “All Lives Matter” erases the message behind Black Lives Matter because of course, all lives do matter, but if that were the case, Alton and Philando would still be alive today. Black Lives Matter is a movement that’s focused on black people, because with the recent deaths and many prior, it’s apparent their lives did not matter. The racial profiling and discriminatory targeting needs to end because #BlackLivesMatter.

Human Trafficking

Recently, someone I know had a family member who was involved in a human trafficking case. This is definitely a reminder that the world is full of evil and sick-minded people. Why succumb to such acts? How is it ever a plausible option to use other human beings as income?

California actually has extremely high child sex trafficking rates. This breaks my heart. In the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, there lies stories that taint the images of these cities. Behind such grand areas full of prosperity and culture, there is a dark shadow that follows the sunshine.

Every year, thousands of people, perhaps more, are trafficked. Every year, thousands of families lose someone dear and become incomplete. Every year, thousands of people have their will and human rights stolen from them. Every year… thousands of stories aren’t being told.

Why do people feel like this is an option to begin with? As a society that is steadily advancing with miraculous technology, why are we still stuck in the olden days of where we barter people as items? How is this fair, morally right, or even justifiable?

The answer to this sinful action is due to one of the seven sins… greed.

Human trafficking is slavery. It takes away the rights, voice, and will out of people who cannot escape the structure that has chained them. Most importantly, human trafficking robs people of the equality that they deserve. This is a reminder that the world is not yet right – that we are not where we need to be – so what do we do?

This is a grave problem that requires a glorious solution. Sadly, I’ve no plausible ideas to present myself but all that I do have is the hope that the world will change when people change.

Check out this TED Talk that inspired this post.

Here’s The 411 On My Blog on 4/11!

Why a blog?

Well, I’ve been itching for an official website with the “.com” at the end and nothing else attached, such as “tumblr.com” or “wordpress.com”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – but this makes my words more formal and established. I’ve paid my dues and can’t keep this secret in hiding forever – so hello! Welcome!

I’ve been online blogging since the late 2000’s, I’ve had Blogger, Tumblr, MySpace, all that but I’ve also been writing since I was young. I wouldn’t say that I’m a strong writer – but I want to become one – and in order to do that, I must expose myself. Also, I want to be a published author someday, so I have to start my journey eventually!

For quite some time, I’ve kept my writing to myself because I only wrote when I wasn’t happy with life. But now, I know that life encompasses so much more and goes beyond just sad moments. Additionally, I believe that my mind entails more than what my mouth can spew out.

Moving along, I will shamelessly confess that I love writing. Sometimes, I forget what the word ‘passion’ means, but then I write, and I remember what passion feels like again. I love that it is a creative expression but it is also like a device that helps me understand my emotions. I think I really fell in love with writing because it was a reflection of myself, but in letters put together and sentences constructed. Whenever I feel sad or upset, I feel like pieces of me are discombobulated and writing helps me tie up loose ends and formulate how I’m really feeling in a post. When I use analogies to describe my sadness, I can understand how sad I am.

Writing also helps me understand my fears, desires, and regrets. For example, sometimes, my anger is like a slight sting that goes away swiftly, but, there are moments where my anger feels like a coal that seethes endlessly.

As I introduce my blog to the public, I welcome and encourage responses! I would love to know what you thought of my own thoughts.


Read my About Me page to find out the meaning of my URL.

Happy International Women’s Day!

A day just for women – wow! What a time to be alive. But truly it is, albeit it is for those who are privileged. Internationally, there are still young girls who get married off to men who are beyond their age. Young girls whose lives will change forever and will never be the same. Massive amounts of these young girls actually commit suicide while some fortunate few are able to escape.

Today is not only a day to celebrate womanhood across the world, it is also a day to remember the women who could not be here today because they were robbed of their rights, freedom, and lives. Today is also a day to commemorate the women who worked benevolently hard to get us what we have now: college education, voting rights, birth control, being able to be in Congress, and undoubtedly, so much more.

Today’s also a reminder to thank the women in your life who have helped and guided you through life. Today is a day to show appreciation to all the mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, girlfriends, and friends who gave their time and love to the ones they care about.

In this moment, I would like to thank my mother, P, for everything she has done for our family. Mom, thank you for travelling across the world so that we could both have a better future. You went from living out of a suitcase in a small bedroom at a relative’s house to having your own two-story house. You left behind your roots so that we could plant a new beginning. You are a definition of an endearing woman that if I could amount to be somewhat like you, I will have achieved my own American dream. If I could be half the woman you are, then I will have succeeded in life.

Kesha’s Cry in Court is a Cry For Help

Kesha, I hear you loud and clear. It is not your fault and you deserve justice.

Kesha is a victim of something that happens quite often to many Americans and people across the world. Sexual abuse is no joke.

What could possibly happen, or has happened already, is that the victim starts blaming themselves. Maybe she shouldn’t have pursued her dreams. Maybe she shouldn’t have done this. Maybe it was her fault after all.

But the fact of the matter is that it is not her fault. I’m siding with Kesha in this case because it is extremely evident that she does not want to be linked to such a malicious man, but is forced to due to legal boundaries and rulings. Again, I’m sorry Kesha, and I hope that you find peace soon. Your voice deserves to be heard because you represent more than just yourself right now.

Rape is never about sex – it is about power. Rape is not sex. Sex involves consent – there is no consent with rape. When a woman denies a man access, he will trespass. When a woman refuses to share her body, he will force his way. It is sick and it is vile. What’s truly more disgusting is the fact that this happens to women everyday.

Kesha, thank you for your bravery. You speaking out will help others to find their voice. I hope that, with time, you will be able to express your musical voice again.