22 Facts

I can’t believe 2016 is ending already! This year, I promised to myself that I would open up, be vulnerable, and put myself “out there” into the world. I filmed this video in November, took my sweet, sweee-e-t time editing, and had a moment fighting my anxiety because I almost didn’t want to upload this video. But, here it is! It’s uploaded. No going back now. I hope you enjoy and I beg of you, please endure through the first few minutes of awkwardness!

Side Note: In the thumbnail, my hair isn’t the same as it is in the video, hah, I actually forgot to take a thumbnail picture the same day I filmed. So, I recreated my makeup and took the new thumbnail picture a few days later.

Sorry, Mom, I went to Mexico!

I started off the month of June by taking a weekend trip to Mexico. It was my first time so a mixture of nervousness, anxiousness, and excitement was in the air. Going into Mexico was a breeze – but because of the easy trek in – we completely forgot to stop by a supermarket to exchange our US dollars. Luckily, the area of Rosarito, particularly where we were staying, had many businesses that accepted our American currency. I ate an abundance of shrimp and the fresh food by the beach was such a treat. The night life beats Vegas – the city that I thought was wild, however, Mexico just takes it to another level (and it wasn’t even Spring Break)!

Mexico is a must for those who have not gone yet – the only downside is getting out! I timed how long it would take us to get back to the US and it took a grand total of 4 hours to get past the border! 4 hours! It did not feel like 4 hours to me, due to the vendors out there selling food, drinks, and souvenirs – it felt like two hours, but that was the only con. With that said, I hope you enjoy my video.

Seeing something is one thing, experiencing it is another. 


Songs: Blackbear – Girls Like U (Tarro Remix)
Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean [Angelika Vee Cover] (Justin Caruso Remix)

Let’s Look: Miami

After four years of college, a vacation was a must. Graduation was surreal – I cannot believe I am no longer in college but in the real world now. It’s nothing like the movies, I’m anxious yet confident at the same time, worried yet certain, and still in awe that I no longer have to write essays or make flashcards! One of my regrets was that I never studied abroad while in college. Traveling truly enhances one’s perspective of the world.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

Miami was beyond fun – I completely understand why the saying, “Hot Miami nights”, exists. The humidity was thick and tangible but tolerable. The waters were so clear and the sand pebbles were larger than what I’m used to but I can confidently say their beaches beat California’s. Words can only do so much – so here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it and visit Miami, too!

Song: Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer (INSTRUM Remix)


Beach Photoshoot

My roommate, Tanya, got a brand new Canon and we decided to give it a test run at the beach! We went to Laguna Beach and traveled down to Victoria Beach. The water surprisingly wasn’t too cold and actually bearable. I’m incredibly in love with photos Tanya took – she captured my vision and truly surpassed my expectations!IMG_0502abcIMG_0477IMG_0490IMG_0379

Let’s Look: Feeling 22, Kim?

Last night, it was my sorority sister’s birthday, Kim, as she turned 22! We went to Saddle Ranch in Costa Mesa, but in my opinion, it was so close to Newport Beach that I say we were in Newport Beach.


We were seated outside, and while that sounds scary for someone like me who was wearing a thin dress, there were heaters that definitely sufficed my need for warmth. Saddle Ranch wasn’t that noisy or busy as I would have expected on a Thursday night.


I got her the blowjob shot concocted of who-knows-what alcohol and topped off with whipped cream.


Whether you order sweet potato fries or regular fries, trust me that all fries taste better with ketchup + Sriracha!

IMG_0035IMG_0034IMG_0033All the food in these pictures are not mine, I didn’t order anything because I’m trying to be healthy, ha ha. Also, I’m actually not a fan of burgers and yellow cheese. I did snack on their biscuits because I loOoOve carbs!

This picture is kind of blurry… now you don’t see us (that clearly)… now you do!

Aw, aren’t we cute and so happy looking? Just kidding, the only time we all get along and smile is for pictures only.


MySpace pose! Duck face and not-that-great angle. Pictured: Marijo, my roommate, sister, bodyguard, and last but not least, my brother. But mostly brother.


Pictured left to right: Kim (birthday girl), me (Virgin Mary in all white), and Lynelle (my secret lover). For some reason, I felt the shortest, which is rare because I’m one of the tallest people in my friend group. It was new and different – not sure if I liked it, ha ha.

Happy birthday Kim! Hope you enjoyed all the free alcohol and the wild bull ride. Feelin’ 22 yet, Kim?

Let’s Look: My College Bedroom

Since I will no longer be a college student and will be moving back home soon, I decided to let my college bedroom live forever in peaceful memory in this blog. So, I decided to pull out my super old point-and-shoot but trusty Canon PowerShot!


“Be Free”: two words that I probably think I say a lot, but perhaps not. This is on the entrance of my bedroom door. It really sets the mood, at least that’s what I tell myself.


A corner of my counter. Yes, I do use all these lotions and yes, there will be more white roses to be seen! Here you see one body spray, but I have lots more. I think I have too much. Who wants one?


This is a poster that I did for one of my advertising classes and it’s true, nothing compares to naked. While it was for Naked juice, it does apply to the literal word “naked”. To be emotionally bare and raw – there is nothing that compares to it. As for being naked, as in skin naked, as in nude, we are most vulnerable at this state and nothing compares it.

IMG_0001 This might be my most favorite area of my room. I love candles and I love lighting them – they improve my mood instantly! I have quite an embarrassing collection of Peach Bellini from Bath & Body Works. And look, more white roses.


This lies on top of my dresser – more white flowers that give me a moment of peace, even if that moment lasts half a second.


These broken Christmas lights hold more white flowers and they are pleasant to look at while I’m getting ready for bed or just waking up.


My bed. The place where I sat, slept and secretly cried. After having slept on Twin XL for years, when I slept back home on my Queen sized bed, I wasn’t used to the increased bed space.


Another candle and some seashells in my bathroom. I got these seashells from Marshall’s because when I go back home to Sacramento, I want to have a beach theme since there are no beaches anywhere near Sacramento.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this even though this might have been quite the bore.