Black Lives Matter

Earlier this month, I was eating my breakfast and talking to my mom. Of course, the topic of my romantic life (or lack of) came up, and my mom gave me a list of men who I could not date. She preferred Chinese men for me. She made an unfair and untrue remark that all black men were criminals and did no good. I told her to not be swayed by the media when she fired backed saying it was true because she sees it in real life. With the area we live in, I can see why she made that statement but I refused to back down from my belief that not all men of color are the same. Now, it’s my goal to make my mother less close-minded and more understanding.

It’s easy to assume one’s intent behind a certain action but the easy way out amounts to no wisdom and results in a lack of understanding about others.

An intricate reality is that people commit crimes because they have no other choice. For some, it is impossible to just “get a job” when there is a system that discriminates against one’s skin color, name, and how one speaks. Getting a degree is not an easy task for everyone and for some, it’s not plausible. But wait, how does this relate to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?

If someone said, “Racism is gone,” it is due to the fact that they do not experience it themselves in the same manner of other people who experience racism daily. The systemic racism of America is why people of color are judged in a harsh manner and given unequal treatment. Because of this, people assume and have this bias engrained into their heads that if one person of color is a criminal, then they all are, which is not true at all.

I strongly believe the media (movies, TV shows, news stations) plays a substantial and firm role in the misrepresentation of non-whites. With the improper and inaccurate displays, people become misguided from the truth and are tangled into a web of lies. In this chaotic world, we need facts, not the fabrication of the people who lost their lives, to lead us towards the proper light.

The movement of Black Lives Matter is not, in any manner, saying anyone else’s life matters less, but it is a movement to showcase black lives need to matter as much as the privileged whites’. Saying “All Lives Matter” erases the message behind Black Lives Matter because of course, all lives do matter, but if that were the case, Alton and Philando would still be alive today. Black Lives Matter is a movement that’s focused on black people, because with the recent deaths and many prior, it’s apparent their lives did not matter. The racial profiling and discriminatory targeting needs to end because #BlackLivesMatter.

One thought on “Black Lives Matter

  1. Love this piece. I’m interested in knowing more about how you navigate this conversation with your Mother if/when it takes place again in the future. Thanks for sharing.


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