The Summer of Robbery

As I returned to Sacramento, I was engulfed by massive amounts of bad news that it makes me wish I did not. Recently, there’s been a high increase in robberies this summer. In fact, it’s gone up by 75%. During the summer, it’s more likely for someone to get robbed or have their house burglarized. Usually, these crimes happen when it’s dark, but as of lately, there have been high amounts of people who are robbed during the day. Most of these reports, some I heard from friends or a family member, had the victim being held at gun point.

I recall from one afternoon, I was driving home after running errands, and I saw a man driving with his backseat window busted and completely shattered. I didn’t think much of it except a quick moment of remorse for the man – I was curious for a moment about what had happened and hoped he’d get his car fixed soon – but later, one of my close friends, C, texted me and told me what had been going in our area. She also added me into the Facebook  group where many have discussed solutions and also report suspicious activity. Constantly, there are posts about windows of cars being smashed, but, in most cases, nothing was stolen.

It’s crucial and important to not racially profile the people who are committing the crimes. It’s hard to say this to elderly folks who are aged and committed to their prejudiced perspectives, my mother, for example. But in the Facebook group, there are posts about uniting, rather than pitting against one another. It’s about fighting and preventing crime, not a specific ethnicity.

This past Saturday, on the 10th, there was a community meeting held at George Sim Park, but Kevin Johnson, the current mayor of Sacramento, was nowhere to be seen.

With Sacramento being the capital of California, one would assume that there would be a higher sense of responsibility amongst the local officers and government, but it seems as though the police are not taking these crimes as seriously as the residents. There continues to be high levels of paranoia all around the community. I, myself, am wondering why are these crimes being committed? What’re the reasons behind these people’s deplorable actions?

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