2016 Favorites & Not So Favorites

Hello, everyone! I had so much fun recording this video and editing it, I laughed at myself and I hope you do, too! I must confess, I strangely felt happy watching myself on a screen, perhaps it was my silliness or perhaps, it’s because I’m slowly taking more risks, being vulnerable, and just simply, expressing myself and not being afraid to show it to the world. I hope you enjoy this lighthearted video as I did. This video, in my opinion, is like a breath of fresh air from my sometimes not so light and airy posts.

In this video, I talk about a few beauty products, my favorite book of 2016, the two people of 2016 who’ve made an impact on me, and the not so great parts of 2016: my anxiety attacks, losing friends, and my depression. I’m going to try to make another Favorites video for the month of March because there’s a list of items I want to talk about, so, stay tuned!

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