Let’s Look: My College Bedroom

Since I will no longer be a college student and will be moving back home soon, I decided to let my college bedroom live forever in peaceful memory in this blog. So, I decided to pull out my super old point-and-shoot but trusty Canon PowerShot!


“Be Free”: two words that I probably think I say a lot, but perhaps not. This is on the entrance of my bedroom door. It really sets the mood, at least that’s what I tell myself.


A corner of my counter. Yes, I do use all these lotions and yes, there will be more white roses to be seen! Here you see one body spray, but I have lots more. I think I have too much. Who wants one?


This is a poster that I did for one of my advertising classes and it’s true, nothing compares to naked. While it was for Naked juice, it does apply to the literal word “naked”. To be emotionally bare and raw – there is nothing that compares to it. As for being naked, as in skin naked, as in nude, we are most vulnerable at this state and nothing compares it.

IMG_0001 This might be my most favorite area of my room. I love candles and I love lighting them – they improve my mood instantly! I have quite an embarrassing collection of Peach Bellini from Bath & Body Works. And look, more white roses.


This lies on top of my dresser – more white flowers that give me a moment of peace, even if that moment lasts half a second.


These broken Christmas lights hold more white flowers and they are pleasant to look at while I’m getting ready for bed or just waking up.


My bed. The place where I sat, slept and secretly cried. After having slept on Twin XL for years, when I slept back home on my Queen sized bed, I wasn’t used to the increased bed space.


Another candle and some seashells in my bathroom. I got these seashells from Marshall’s because when I go back home to Sacramento, I want to have a beach theme since there are no beaches anywhere near Sacramento.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this even though this might have been quite the bore.


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