Let’s Look: Feeling 22, Kim?

Last night, it was my sorority sister’s birthday, Kim, as she turned 22! We went to Saddle Ranch in Costa Mesa, but in my opinion, it was so close to Newport Beach that I say we were in Newport Beach.


We were seated outside, and while that sounds scary for someone like me who was wearing a thin dress, there were heaters that definitely sufficed my need for warmth. Saddle Ranch wasn’t that noisy or busy as I would have expected on a Thursday night.


I got her the blowjob shot concocted of who-knows-what alcohol and topped off with whipped cream.


Whether you order sweet potato fries or regular fries, trust me that all fries taste better with ketchup + Sriracha!

IMG_0035IMG_0034IMG_0033All the food in these pictures are not mine, I didn’t order anything because I’m trying to be healthy, ha ha. Also, I’m actually not a fan of burgers and yellow cheese. I did snack on their biscuits because I loOoOve carbs!

This picture is kind of blurry… now you don’t see us (that clearly)… now you do!

Aw, aren’t we cute and so happy looking? Just kidding, the only time we all get along and smile is for pictures only.


MySpace pose! Duck face and not-that-great angle. Pictured: Marijo, my roommate, sister, bodyguard, and last but not least, my brother. But mostly brother.


Pictured left to right: Kim (birthday girl), me (Virgin Mary in all white), and Lynelle (my secret lover). For some reason, I felt the shortest, which is rare because I’m one of the tallest people in my friend group. It was new and different – not sure if I liked it, ha ha.

Happy birthday Kim! Hope you enjoyed all the free alcohol and the wild bull ride. Feelin’ 22 yet, Kim?

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