Let’s Talk: #Goals

I feel that the goals that people have say two things: what they want (obvious) and why they want it (not so obvious). Some goals aren’t too big and sometimes, the reason behind the goal isn’t a long answer at all. But some of mine are long, ha ha ha.

Well, what are my goals?

  • Adopt a kid, but two if I’m lucky.
    • I don’t really care to pass on my family name or my blood, even though I would be curious to see what my offspring would look like but that’s a selfish reason to have a child. I don’t want make my own, I just want to adopt and help someone’s life. Also, I have a fear of pregnancy.
  • Write a book, actually finish it, and get published.
    • I love writing and this has been a goal of mine since high school. I absolutely want to write something and hope that it connects with one person, because that feeling will make all the difference in my life. There are many moments when I feel alone and misunderstood, but the thing is: everyone feels alone and misunderstood at some point in their lives, if not often like mine, and that’s when we realize that when we feel most alone, we aren’t. Truly, if all the lonely people connected – we could go somewhere. Also, I have started my autobiography but now, I’m focused on this blog, so I’m taking a break – also allowing life to happen so that I have content for my book. I want to publish my book after I adopt.
  • Create a shelter for women and men who have been sexually assaulted or abused.
    • I’ve been there before (not a shelter) but I know what it feels like to want a place to run away to, to feel safe, understood, and not judged. It could be a home – start small with a one bedroom with a bunkbed. Of course, this would all be free and every expense comes out of my own pocket, so the only way this goal of mine will be achieved is when I’m a billionaire (kidding). I hope to accomplish this goal before I die.
  • Adopt a pug, weiner dog or a French bulldog.
    • I’m a dog person.
  • Pay off my student loans.
    • Because debt is not the new black.
  • Help my sisters get into college.
    • Because I love them.

Goals keep me going. Goals remind me to not to give up and to try one more time, that the next day is a new day to be better than who I was yesterday. When I was depressed, I didn’t have any goals, I just wanted to see black. But now, I make small and big goals constantly so that I never feel like I don’t have a purpose.

There you have it, these are some of the visions that I constantly have spiraling in my head. What are yours?

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