See It, Think It, & Receive It

One particular aspect that I’ve taken note on in my life is that I constantly see “things” over and over again, and suddenly it’s in my life.

Last year, I constantly saw a White Toyota Camry, specifically the 2009 model, and guess what? Now, I drive one.

This past Spring Break, I saw police everywhere whenever I drove. As someone who’s a resilient AUX Cord user, I’m always changing my music. Each time that I’ve put my phone down, I’ve had a cop pass me, either on a motorcycle or in a car. When I headed out for my internship, I’m always tempted to go into the Carpool lane, that so many single drivers go into, but the couple of times I’ve been enticed by the faster lane, I’ve caught eye of CHP.

Throughout Spring Break, I kept thinking that I would have an encounter with the lovely navy outfitted officers.

So today, on Monday, April 4th, I got a citation from campus police for ‘obstructing traffic’. What happened was that I walked when the red hand was flashing, with less than 10 seconds I will honestly admit, and the moment I reached the sidewalk, it was already green for the cars to turn right.

I’m not upset.

I’m not shocked, either. This brush of fate with the law enforcement just reinforces my belief that if I see something, think about it frequently enough, then it’ll happen.

Perhaps, this is a reminder that I should look both ways before I walk, look at the walking sign, too, but also, look at all the signs that life throws at me.

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