What My Depression Taught Me

  • It’s okay if the only thing you want to do is be in your bed all day, because being around other people doesn’t make you feel better, and a lot of the times, being around people made me feel more alone and hurt.
  • Whenever you feel alone, that is when you are most wrong. So many times I felt alone and didn’t realize that many other people felt lonely like me too, and I guess, if there were other people on this Earth who felt left out, then I guess, altogether we weren’t really alone, technically.
  • Some things that made you happy once can make you angry, sad, or not make you feel anything at all. That’s normal. Depression sucks the passion out of your life and it may never be the same again and that’s normal. Depression is never a friend but a leech that sucks the joy out of your life and sometimes steals it forever.
    • It changes your perspective on many things: friends, activities, places, and events. A lot of things matter less and few things matter more. Depression and stress heightened my anxiety. Because I’m much more aware of my anxiety, now I know why I can’t go to certain places, which is good but sucks at the same time.
  • Sometimes, depression never goes away. It can come in waves – intense sadness that never leaves because from time to time, you’ll feel fine and then suddenly, something hits you and it feels like it never left at all.
  • It gets better and you will be alive to see it. There will be many nights where you don’t want to wake up, where you wish to be one with the darkness and never see life again, but that route is never the answer. It doesn’t get better instantly and it’s never easy either, but it’ll be worth it.

Pulled from my Tumblr post.

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