Human Trafficking

Recently, someone I know had a family member who was involved in a human trafficking case. This is definitely a reminder that the world is full of evil and sick-minded people. Why succumb to such acts? How is it ever a plausible option to use other human beings as income?

California actually has extremely high child sex trafficking rates. This breaks my heart. In the cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, there lies stories that taint the images of these cities. Behind such grand areas full of prosperity and culture, there is a dark shadow that follows the sunshine.

Every year, thousands of people, perhaps more, are trafficked. Every year, thousands of families lose someone dear and become incomplete. Every year, thousands of people have their will and human rights stolen from them. Every year… thousands of stories aren’t being told.

Why do people feel like this is an option to begin with? As a society that is steadily advancing with miraculous technology, why are we still stuck in the olden days of where we barter people as items? How is this fair, morally right, or even justifiable?

The answer to this sinful action is due to one of the seven sins… greed.

Human trafficking is slavery. It takes away the rights, voice, and will out of people who cannot escape the structure that has chained them. Most importantly, human trafficking robs people of the equality that they deserve. This is a reminder that the world is not yet right – that we are not where we need to be – so what do we do?

This is a grave problem that requires a glorious solution. Sadly, I’ve no plausible ideas to present myself but all that I do have is the hope that the world will change when people change.

Check out this TED Talk that inspired this post.

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