Let’s Talk: Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wonder why I am even caring about this day – when it’s just another day?

Maybe the reason why is that I have people in my life who hate it or love it so it’s making quite an impact in my life.

I usually am not too upset about this day – I love this day because there are many things that arise that allow me to be elated: the color pink everywhere, hearts galore, yummy chocolates and people being made happy throughout the whole day by someone special in their life. But I can understand why other people being made happy in the love department can make others the opposite.

So what do you do if you’re single and it happens to be Valentine’s Day?

When everyone around you is in love, happy, and kissing up their lovers, you could possibly get upset because you don’t have someone of your own to kiss (and your dog doesn’t count). However, I don’t. I am happy that others are happy. It is truly all about your perspective. We can choose to sulk or we can choose to celebrate!

Valentine’s Day is just another day: another day to be grateful that we are alive, a day where we are able to embrace our family and friends in proper ways that we can, and a day where we should love the most important person in our own lives: ourselves!

Make Valentine’s Day about you: treat yourself, value yourself and embrace yourself. It’s all about perspective, so make it all about you.

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