Let’s Talk: Handwriting (Is it Extinct?)

Is that an “A” or a “U”? Wait, it’s an “O”? Oh, it’s a cursive “O”.

I’m beginning to question if a person’s handwriting even matters anymore.

Remember in grade school where we all learned how to write in cursive and n looked like a and z looked somewhat like a drinking straw?

I was in one my classes and realized that my handwriting has really gone downhill. Maybe it’s my vacation to blame or maybe, maybe, it’s the fact that many of us are typing more than we are clicking our pens to start writing away.

As you step into a college lecture class, I’m willing to bet that there is at least, not one or two, but THREE people with laptops ready with Microsoft Word (that they probably illegally downloaded) opened up. Of course, some professors don’t even allow laptops or tablets (or phones!) in the room, so there are exceptions. But times are changing.

You’re more likely to be clicking and clacking away at a keyboard than writing your thesis on note paper. Am I right?

Let’s face it: penmanship is going to be a dying art soon. Maybe not in a few months or years, but why would we learn how to touch a pen when we’ve got keyboards to spare at Goodwill?

I was thinking about this and it reminded of that one episode from Phil Of The Future. Oh, Phil, cute but he couldn’t write the alphabet to save his life. Who can blame him? He’s from the future and we’re closely getting there!

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