Let’s Talk: Love?

The power of a story can be life changing. We have the power to make anyone and anything famous with the power of the Internet. We can change so many things with the help of donation links, signature petitions, and writing emails to government officials.

But why is that we can’t seem to help ourselves? What I mean is, why don’t we ever take the advice we give others?

I can tell my girlfriends to give that guy a chance or maybe a second chance, to give the guy her number, and to stop being so uptight and have some fun once in awhile.

Let’s reverse where the camera perspective is. So now, the limelight is on me, but I really wish it wasn’t. The light almost stings because it shows all my flaws and who I really am. I can tell my friends to go on that date or to give that guy a chance but I could never do the same.

But truly, we never learn to face the issues we have until we have others to help us confront them. In my friends’ eyes, I’m a social prude. I hate the idea of meeting new people, getting close to strangers, and making new friends. I’m closed up and I’ll never let anyone in. They can try hard but I’ll just push them away.

But I always wake up and realize that the things my friends are telling me are the same things I’ve told them.

“Dude, you never know unless you try.”
“Hit him up then!”
“Take a chance!”

Why is this?

My conclusion is that we would rather see other people fail and succeed rather than ourselves. Hey. It’s a harsh statement. I know.

I would rather have my friend experience a fun time or heartbreak rather than myself. I am that hard headed and prideful. I don’t want to risk rejection but at the same time, I’m scared of the possibility of actually being happy with someone. I’m so used to being with myself that the idea of being with someone freaks me out. I became comfortable with my own company that any new company changes everything.

Change is scary and that’s why we’ll never have the guts to take our own advice because we’ll be changing what we’ve known always to be true into something that will refine what kind of advice we’ll give out in the future. I firmly believe (right now) that people never change so maybe that’s why I can’t and won’t change because I already told myself that I can’t!

Change is scary but feelings are scary, too! Some people say that love is the closest thing we have to magic but I disagree, it’s not magic, it’s evil sorcery! Love, or even a simple crush, can make people different, like getting flustered and butterflies, have an increased heart rate, and sweaty palms. I know, it’s silly, but I guess the reason why I’m most scared is because… love is real – and it’s out there. Although I joke numerous times that love isn’t real, it is real because I’ve felt it myself. Note*: past tense.

Feelings are fleeting – what if I wake up one day and the person I love doesn’t love me anymore, or worse, what if I lose my feelings for that person? Love is real but does it last forever? Maybe for some people, but not for many, including myself. Granted, I am incredibly young and still have so much more to experience – but I’ll let you in on a little secret, I hope to experience love, but only genuine, passionate, meaningful, uplifting, and extraordinary love. Love that is so deep that it stirs and shakes my soul. Mr. Big, are you out there?

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