Let’s Listen: New Americana

When the Coachella 2016 lineup came out, I was stoked to see which artists I currently adore were playing and of course, check out some new artists as well. Last year, Coachella 2015, was my first ever Coachella! And, I loved it, terribly loved it so much. This year, for 2016, I vowed that I wouldn’t see as much EDM artists as I did last year. I think I stayed in the Sahara tent too long. My roommate, Vivian, talked about Halsey and how she wanted to see her. Trusting her music taste, I listened to Halsey on YouTube and now, Halsey is someone I cannot miss at Coachella. As someone who loves catchy, up-beat, super fast paced music, Halsey is not someone I would generally listen to but hey, we’ve all got to broaden our horizons sooner or later.

But without a moment to waste, here’s her awesome tune! This is “New Americana”, which is one of her more catchier tunes on her album, in my opinion, but her album has a pleasant mixture of upbeat and slow sonic sounds.

Besides this song, I can’t wait to hear her play “Ghost” and “Colors”!

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